Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation


The National Conference with international participation on New Cryogenic and Isotope Technologies for Energy and Environment - EnergEn 2018 is organized by the National Research-Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies - ICSI Rm. Valcea with the scientific participation of the University of Pitesti and the University of Craiova and will be held at Baile Govora, in 2018.


Number 19+20/2007

Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation


1. Detritiation in Romania
Liviu Stefan, Ioan Stefanescu
2. Characteristics Improvement of Hydrophobic Polytrafluroethylene – Platinum Catalysts for Tritium Separation
Irina Popescu, Gheorghe Ionita, Denisa Dobrinescu, Carmen Varlam, Ioan Stefanescu,
Catalin Ducu

3. Considerations Concerning the Influence of Magnetic Field to the Calibration of Thermometers for the Measuring of Low and Very Low Temperatures
Fanel Iacobescu, Maria – Magdalena Poenaru
4. Development of the Neutron Filters for Jet Gamma-Ray Cameras
S. Soare, M. Curuia, V. Kiptily, A. Murari, P. Prior, V. Zoita, M. Anghel, G. Bonheure, M. Constantin, E. David, T. Edlington, S. Griph, F. Le Guern, Y. Krivchenkov, S. Popovichev, V. Riccardo, B. Syme, V. Thompson, and JET EFDA Contributors 
5. Pem Fuel Cell Design and Manufacturing in ICIT-Rm. Valcea
Laurentiu Patularu, Daniela Ebrasu, Ioan Stefanescu, Roxana Elena Ionete, Mihai Culcer,
Vasile Stanciu, Elena Carcadea, Dumitru Mirica, Gabriel Rasoi
6. Processes Analyses of the Cryogenic Pilot Plant With the New and Improvement Software Monitoring System in LabView 8
Carmen Maria Moraru, Iuliana Stefan, Ovidiu Balteanu, Liviu Stefan, Bucur Ciprian,
Anisia Bornea, Ioan Stefanescu
7. Hydrogen Production from H2S in Black Sea and Industrial Waters Using Green Energy
K. Petrov, A. Popov, P. Dimitrov, S. Z. Baykara, D. Ebrasu,  V. Stanciu, I. Stefanescu, M. Gulin , A. Veziroglu  
8. Determination of Carbon Oxides Levels With Two Techniques, Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography
Diana Florescu, Gili Saros
9. Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Cryogenic Distillation
Anisia Bornea, Marius Zamfirache, Ioan Stefanescu, Anisoara Preda, Ovidiu Balteanu,
Ioana Stefan
10. Investigation of Transport Phenomena in  A 7-Serpentine Channel Pem Fuel Cell
Elena Carcadea, H. Ene, D. B. Ingham, Roxana Elena Ionete, I. Stefanescu, V. Stanciu,
L. Patularu
11. Development of a Deuterium Separation Factors in Palladium-Hydrogen Systems Measurement Method in Order to Evaluate the Tritium Separation
Mariana Iliescu, Mihai Culcer, Mircea Raceanu, Adrian Enache, Ioan Stefanescu  
12. Reducing of CO2 Emission Released from Fossil Fuel Power Plants by Exhaust Gas Treatment
Elena David  
13. Numerical Methods for Non-Reversible Process in Condenser, Applicable to Hydrogen Isotopes Separation System
Sorin Gherghinescu  
14. Research Concerning the Optimization of Isotopic Exchange Process in the Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Sorin Gherghinescu, Gheorghe Popescu
15. Emerging Risks Proposed for Work Agenda of the Romanian Technology Platform on Industrial Safety
C. Croitoru, F. Pop, I. Stefanescu, V. Stanciu, E. Carcadea, Gh. Titescu  

Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation


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